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Eaton RS Enclosure Server Racks

The Eaton RS Enclosure is a server rack available in network, server and colocation models to meet a variety of application demands. The versatile RS Enclosures offer everything from customizable and flexible mounting options for power equipment to high-flow doors for maximum airflow and a wide array of cable management options. CEG can provide customers with all Eaton racks. cages, and accessories.

  • Configurations: network, server and colocation
  • Colors: black and white
  • Sizes: 42U, 45U, 48U and 52U

Open Frame Racks

Eaton’s B-Line series open frame racks support network equipment and cabling for enterprise data centers, co-location providers and network closets. CEG can provide customers with all Eaton racks, cages, and accessories.

  • Two-post racks
  • Four-post racks
  • Swing gate wall mount
  • Seismic zone 4 racks
  • Unequal flange equipment racks

Data Center Cages

Eaton data center cages are designed to support requirements to subdivide areas within colocation data centers and to provide higher levels of security in server rooms and data centers.  The rugged steel cage construction ensures structural integrity and durability. The unique uni-body design with 3/8″ perforations is large enough to provide ample ventilation while maintaining a secure structure. 

Cages are modular and reconfigurable to scale to your future requirements. Options such as segmenting a large cage or adding on to an existing configuration allow you to adapt to changing needs.

  • Secure data center segmentation
  • Modular design for easy reconfiguration
  • Multiple standard height and width options (7,’8′,9′,10′ heights and multiple widths)
  • Ceiling and wall-mounting capabilities
  • Multiple access control options
  • 1 1⁄2″ clearance for floor tile access
  • Custom configurations available