Modular UPS Systems

Modular UPS Solutions

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Modular Power Assemblies

Eaton’s modular power assembly (MPA) solutions offer a modular product design that is a flexible, scalable, pre-assembled power infrastructure solution to support critical IT loads while lowering cost, time and space requirements.

  • UPS, batteries, switchgear, HVAC units, fire and safety equipment.
  • Accommodates all UPS ratings.
  • Used in warehouse environments, disaster situations, outdoors and more—a critical power system in a box.

Centralized Prefabricated UPS Solutions

The Centralized configuration incorporates a UPS, switchboard, batteries and all interconnections on a skid platform for fast deployment. Available in a convenient size of 550 kVA, it allows you to modularly add capacity as you need it, working well in all sizes of data centers. This configuration can be used when building new facilities, expanding or retrofitting existing facilities or problem solving to achieve optimal operations.