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Centrica Business Solutions’ energy insights technology addresses the market need for energy cost control, energy management and business sustainability by enabling organizations to proactively manage their energy with real-time, circuit-level energy intelligence that powers data-driven and comprehensive energy strategies.

Panoramic Power Wireless Sensors

Centrica’s power monitoring equipment is available for different current ranges, wire sizes, and measurement requirements. Panoramic Power Wireless Sensors are appropriate for granular monitoring of individual circuits and devices.on-invasive – snaps and fits without disconnection

  • No maintenance – self-powered
  • High accuracy
  • Wireless – no wiring, unlike standard CT-based monitoring systems
  • Real-time current data transmitted every 10 seconds

Panoramic Power Power Meter

The Panoramic Power Power Meter provides high-accuracy real-time power measurements and advanced power quality measurements for main power monitoring, submetering and for the metering of large devices – it is designed for demanding electrical applications, supporting industry accuracy standards.

  • Single, dual or 3-phase metering
  • Accurate measure ment of active and reactive power
  • Real-time monitoring of current, voltage, power factor and power quality
  • Fast and easy installation