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Active Power

The advent of computer grade UPS designs, smart charges, and constant duty cycle applications (solar etc.) requires that battery monitoring manufactures need to have the engineering resources and real world prowess available to adapt to new technologies. BTECH’s Industry leading designs are based on comprehensive real-world experience solving common DC Plant problems that will shut down mission critical operations without warning.  BTECH identifies all DC anomalies that will shut down your power backup, power conditioning and UPS systems.  

Battery Monitoring Systems

S5 Battery Monitoring System

The S5 Battery Monitoring System is BTECH’s premiere battery monitoring solution for data center UPS and large scale critical backup power systems. The S5 can collect data from any battery type, including cells with high amp hour ratings (4000+).

  • Monitors battery parameters in real time
  • Programmed cell impedance measurement up to 24/day
  • Programmable test and out-of-limits alarms
  • Battery discharge data loggingSupports up to eight strings per system
  • Handles up to a total of 480 individual cells
  • Individual string current monitoring for multi-string systems
  • Complete electrical isolation from the battery string

CellQ1 Scalable Battery Monitoring System

The CellQ1 is a scalable battery monitoring system for 12V, 23,V, 48V and 120V battery applications. CellQ1 is ideally suited for applications that support remote telecommunications, UPS systems, station battery systems and switchgear. The CellQ1 will record and trend:

  • Unit voltage
  • Unit impedance
  • Pilot cell temperature
  • Thermal runaway

Battery Manager Software

BVM Software Suite

BVM Software Suite is a powerful platform for analyzing battery health & performance data from BTECH’s battery monitors. BVM provides market-leading predictive analytics, battery data interpretation, real-time access, alarm reporting and centralized monitoring of up to 1,000 BTECH systems.

  • Simple and easy-to-use graphing functions
  • On-demand and real-time interaction with BTECH hardware
  • Captures, archives, reports, and graphically displays data by location, date, and unit (cell or jar) number
  • Displays voltage and impedance measurements and trends
  • Easy-to-use with context-sensitive help screens
  • Displays total battery voltage, unit voltage, unit impedance, ambient and battery case temperatures
  • Analyzes impedance data in either “average” or “initial” modes
  • Displays “power-out” voltage decay data of battery, individual units, optional loaded battery current, and lists “power-out” events and duration
  • Receives, displays, and resets alarms and alerts