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Active Power

Asset Vue, LLC is a Paoli, Pennsylvania-based provider of RFID enabled asset management solutions. With decades of experience as data centers directors, Asset Vue’s leadership know the features asset management departments need, and our solutions are built through the lens of “For data center managers, by data center managers.”

Hardware Asset Management

Asset Vue offers a tailor-made IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution for data centers that can scale up fast. Because it’s designed around the use of radio frequency identification (RFID), it’s easy to tag, track and inventory all data center equipment. 

  • Data integration with virtually any DCIM tool
  • Passive RFID data center equipment tracking
  • Predefined, customizable manufacturers list to ensure uniform data collection
  • Granular audit tracking
  • Advanced reporting capability including prepackaged reports and customer reporting engine
  • Ability to manage multiple data centers
  • Full asset collision control
  • Dynamic rack elevations
  • Customizable labels to match existing tools
  • Full IT Asset bar code tracking via portals with e-mail, text, and ability to trigger work tickets