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AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceilings capture and carry away overhead leaks, protect your assets, and ensure your uptime.

How AquaTray's Leak Barrier Ceiling Solution Works

AquaTray® Leak Barrier Ceiling system is a pre-engineered system of waterproof ceiling drainage trays with interconnecting tubing that captures and safely drains away overhead fluid leaks to a desired location. Durable flashing tape applied above provides a leak barrier solution for a series of trays over protected equipment, critical area or room. If an overhead roof leak or broken pipe occurs, water is channeled from tray- to-tray, then to a sink or building drain. A ceiling water leak detection alarm will be sounded.

When properly designed and installed, the system provides unattended protection from a sizable leak that is ready 24/7/365. That’s PROTECTION not just detection!