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If you are looking to improve performance or reduce cost in an existing environment, expand a room, or build a new facility, the first step in the process is the same:  gather information and make an informed assessment of issues and opportunities.

The Data Center Experts at CEG have seen hundreds of mission critical environments and work daily with the physical infrastructure components in these facilities.  We are the ideal choice of partner to help you at every stage of a data center’s life cycle.

Our Assessment CFD & Design Services span key elements, including initial concept design, proposal creation, specifications, detailed system designs, CAD drawings, logistics, installation, commissioning and training. CEG can also provide guidance on affordable maintenance programs, extended warranty programs and maintenance service providers so that you can feel safe and secure with your investment. Our Assessment CFD & Design services can complement your current resources, or we can work on behalf of your organization to manage the entire process.

Best Practices Infrastructure Assessment

An infrastructure optimization assessment performed by CEG will include a review of the following:

  • Data center layout and design
  • Data and low-voltage cabling infrastructure
  • Power infrastructure
  • Thermal load
  • Conditioned air flow
  • Physical room analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Security profile
  • Remote access and control
  • Computation fluid dynamics model
  • Energy incentive services

From these assessments, CEG can help the end user to reach a preliminary conclusion about next steps – whether that entails upgrades to existing units, introduction of new measures, or preparation for an expansion or move.

New Data Center Design & Capacity Planning

After an assessment is complete, CEG will guide you through all of the planning phases new construction will require while keeping timing and budget top-of-mind. And because of our longstanding relationship with many manufacturers, you can be assured that we’re well informed about the latest technology and methodologies for achieving higher reliability and reduced operating costs. Just some of the areas we’ll assist clients with include:

  • Build site analysis
  • Layout and capacity planning
  • Design build support
  • Product deployment
  • Infrastructure retrofit
  • Design gap analysis

Modular Data Center Design & Planning

Data center space is in high demand. If your organization needs more room for mission-critical equipment, a modular data center may be the ideal solution.

Modular data centers offer a solid, cost effective option for adding floor space or power and cooling capacity. They can be procured and placed in service more rapidly than if you are building or adding expansion space with traditional construction methods. In situations where time is limited, or other special constraints apply, these modular solutions merit consideration.


CFD Modeling

CEG utilizes the 6SigmaDCX when providing CFD modeling services to its clients. DCX is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation tool that provides increased levels of productivity for data center design, troubleshooting and operation.

With its user interface designed with the help of data center professionals, DCX gives you the power of a best-in-class solution paired with an easy-to-use user interface. Combine this with DCX’s unique ‘Virtual Facility’, and you have the ability to:

  • Gain a competitive edge in design of new data centers or hardware
  • Reduce energy costs without compromising service delivery or SLAs
  • Reclaim unusable capacity without risk
  • Consolidate into fewer data centers

Turnkey Installation 

Whether you’re just needing a single custom cabinet or you’re contemplating building an entirely new data center, CEG has the expertise to take a project of any size from conception to completion.

We have decades of experience in all facets of data center design – from critical power to precision cooling; from layout and capacity planning to monitoring and control systems. All of our engineers and technology specialist are factory trained and certified by our data center vendor partners. When providing turnkey service, our team will work diligently to understand your needs, and to recommend, procure, install and maintain the best solutions available to fit your requirements.

Installation and Integration

When critical data center hardware components are purchased, they generally undergo a further series of steps before they can be deployed. First, our Factory Services Team will make sure your enclosures and integrated technologies are properly configured and fitted to your exact specifications prior to shipping. Upon arrival, this equipment will require uncrating, assembly, connections to power, mechanical, or network lines, configuration to existing equipment, and startup.

When providing onsite turnkey service, we can complement your current resources, or (with your approval) engage and manage reliable outside resources such as electrical, mechanical, and fire suppression contractors and engineering professionals for the design and installation of your data center physical infrastructure.

Examples of recently completed projects:

  • A major digital production company constructed a new data center to house large volumes of high resolution digital media along with other critical business applications.
  • A pharmaceutical testing firm used a landlord allowance and built a new data room for critical equipment in their suburban office building space.
  • A large construction products manufacturer moved a significant portion of its computing to a cloud environment, but needed to install a data center in its new corporate headquarters to house highly critical enterprise servers and data storage.
  • A traditional telecommunication provider had replaced all of its legacy central station phone switching equipment with a single rack, and decided to convert its facility into the first phase of a planned colocation site.

CEG helped these clients plan and procure critical physical infrastructure components for their new data centers including generators, UPS units, busway, cooling, racks and a multitude of other items.  We guided our clients through the process and managed various aspects of the design and construction.


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