DCIM Software & Hardware

DCIM Software and Hardware

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is an essential tool in the management of a complex IT environment.  With the right solution in place, users gain centralized and instantaneous monitoring, management, reporting functionality, as well as intelligent capacity planning. CEG’s DCIM environmental and power solutions allow you to maintain constant control of your critical facility – managing issues before they become problems, and well before they become catastrophic.

Environmental Monitoring & Alerting Solutions

Gathering information on environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, and leaks is an essential step in operating an efficient data center. We can help you select the right tools, then aid in get them installed and operating in order to collect the critical data you need in real time.


Aurora is CEG’s proprietary monitoring technology that allows you to clearly identify potential cooling- or heat-related issues – in real time. It is an extremely accurate wireless monitoring and notification system because it measures air temperature, not surface temperature. The instantaneous feedback provided by Aurora is invaluable when monitoring changes or validating best-practices improvement.

Power & Facility Monitoring Solutions

Power is now the single largest operational cost in an IT facility. Economic conditions and regulatory developments now necessitate data center managers to know the efficiency and usage of their IT equipment and supporting infrastructure. CEG’s power monitoring solutions provide the alerting, data visualization and reporting necessary to effectively manage a data center.

Branch Circuit Protection

Branch circuit protection is an electrical safety feature and requirement for protecting IT equipment (and other electrical loads) as defined by the NEC and UL, specifically UL60950-1 which requires that all IT equipment placed in the data center be equipped with branch circuit protection.  In a rack PDU, input power is typically broken down into multiple segments.  Segments of a circuit where current is limited by a fuse or circuit breaker is referred to as a branch circuit.

We offer Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems that provide extensive monitoring information on branch circuits in PDU subfeeds, panelboards, main feeds to panelboards, and individual branch circuits.


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