Maintenance & Service

CEG provides a full scope of maintenance and repair services for data centers that range in size from small- and medium-sized computer rooms to enterprise-level critical environments. Whether you just need annual maintenance on a single UPS or precision air conditioning unit, or you’re needing a comprehensive maintenance program for the entire data center, CEG will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Contracts for annual and multi-year services
  • Battery testing, monitoring and replacement
  • Repair services
  • Parts for data center and other mission-critical equipment
  • Serving as a single point-of-contact for all maintenance, repairs and parts ordering

Maintenance Contracts

CEG is an elite partner to many manufacturers, enabling us to provide superior service for maintenance of critical electrical and mechanical equipment. If you’re responsible for multiple units or locations, CEG will put together a comprehensive maintenance plan that takes hassle and frustration out of the equation. We can consolidate timelines and services across multiple brands of equipment, as well as coordinate the provision of services where and when needed.

By working with CEG, you’ll also realize savings across the entire critical environment:

  • Service options for any type of data center physical infrastructure equipment and manufacturer
  • Complimentary investigation of product warranty coverage
  • Monitoring of warranty expiration on your behalf
  • Scheduling and procuring replacement parts such as batteries or capacitors
  • Regular preventative maintenance schedules
  • Specialized maintenance plans to meet OSHA requirements


Batteries are an essential component in most UPS equipment and therefore a critical part of the backup system that protects your data center against downtime. Our UPS battery services include:

  • Replacement – includes installation by certified technical service labor and EPA-approved recycling of old batteries.
  • Ongoing Maintenance - By engaging CEG to perform regular preventative maintenance, you’ll about defects or deterioration before it becomes an emergency.
  • Service Plans – UPS battery service plans are available with a frequency appropriate to your equipment — from monthly to annually.
  • Battery Monitoring Systems – CEG utilizes a unique approach to battery monitoring, based on extensive research and testing. This system will allow us to monitor cell voltages, internal resistance, and temperature; remotely monitor the battery system and provide immediate failure warnings; record up to 120 days of battery history and analyze trending analysis; and thoughtfully budget for replacements.

Repair Services

CEG offers rapid repair services to help get your data center operational after a breakdown or to address service needs before they bring on equipment failure. When you work with CEG, you have access to technicians with the expertise and training to repair a multitude of manufacturer brands of UPS units, other critical power equipment, precision cooling, and humidification units.


We are specialists in sourcing parts for multiple manufacturers of mission-critical data center equipment. Our team helps you to determine the correct part, even if you are unsure of the part’s specifications.

You want your parts ordering experience to be easy and reliable, and CEG works to achieve that every day. Speak live to our friendly, knowledgeable parts specialist who will answer your questions and get information to meet your requirements.


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