Beyond the Data Center – UPS for Airport Runway Lighting Systems

When the phrase ‘mission-critical environment’ is used, it’s most often referring to a data center. But the reality is that there are many other environments out there that are just as, if not more, critical. An airport’s runway lighting system is an excellent example of this. An airport runway lighting system is the most important…

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Beyond the Data Center – Demand’s Heating Up for Custom and Scalable Cryptocurrency Mining Environments

Many operations are unprepared for the power, space and cooling needs of Cryptocurrency Mining, often resulting in shortened equipment lifespan and higher long-term costs. CEG is addressing this with environments that are custom-built within existing space. As the number of mid-to-large sized cryptocurrency mining operations expand or as large mining colocation companies become more prevalent,…

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CFD Modeling

Here at CEG, we hear the historical inaccuracy complaint about previous CFD models when we walk into situations where clients are trying to plan and maximize cooling and airflow capacity. So is it that there are many CFD tools and CFD professionals not doing an effective job or can we not obtain accurate results where…

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