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Critical Environments Group will help you manage, maintain and optimize your data center or IT environment. The result? Infrastructure efficiencies, lower operating costs, smart growth strategies. CEG brings value to any engagement right from the start.

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Intelligent Solutions for Critical Environments
Remediation & Installation
Whatever the size, scope or situation, CEG’s data center remediation experts have “been there, done that.” We offer the most comprehensive and diverse airflow optimization solutions available today. Learn more.
Monitoring & Integration
You can improve upon your data center’s airflow situation until the cows come home. But if you aren’t monitoring ALL the conditions in your critical environment you can’t prevent problems from returning. CEG can help you deploy next-generation tools to elevate your environmental monitoring and data center operations capabilities. Learn more.
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Data center overcooling is a big problem, and simply turning up the thermostat or flipping the off switch won’t fix it. But how can you solve the problem when you don’t where to look? Fortunately, CEG can provide answers and solutions without breaking the bank. Think of us as your Data Center Detectives. Learn more.

Latest News

You can’t Manage what You don’t Monitor.

Read Part Three in CEG’s blog series about improved airflow management in the data center. Rob Huttemann explains how you can quantify and qualify the value of assessments and improvements through monitoring.

CEG Airflow Management Case Study

Single-suite data center experiences inefficient cooling and balancing issues. CEG implements custom-made solution that noticeably increases return air temperatures; provides client with up to 30% financial savings.


Because data centers are dynamic environments, instantaneous feedback related to cooling-or heat-related issues is critical for ensuring operations and equipment reliability. Aurora enables you to clearly identify and take action on those issues in real time—making it the ideal self-policing troubleshooting tool for data centers of any size.